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Charlottesville, Virginia
Events & Marketing

Bossy Betsy 

Events & Marketing

Event Services

Bossy Betsy offers several event planning services to help you celebrate your special day.  

We specialize in both social and corporate events, for small to large groups. We will customize an Event Package based on your specific needs and objectives or choose from our Wedding & Social  Event Packages or Corporate Event Packages.

Event Services:
- Create meeting/agenda/event timeline
- Organize and direct the entire planning process
- Advocate the client’s design & décor vision to vendors
- Recommend and visit vendors with clients
- Confirm vendors and screen contracts
- Manage and oversee day of meeting/event
- Email consultations and conference calls
- Lodging Arrangements
- Transportation
- Food & Beverage
- Rentals
- Favors & Gifts
- Invitations & RSVP's
- Seating Arrangements